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Information Necessity on Education:
1. Information is already a ‘commodity’ as like other economic goods.
2. The role of information become increasingly large and visible in the modern world it is today including on education.
3. This is understandable because the public now to the era of information society (information age) or community of knowledge (knowledge society)

E-learning or electronic learning is now increasingly recognized as one way to overcome the problem of education, both in the developed countries and in developing countries. The main vehicle in the development of human resources is education and training. But when watching the situation geography, socio-economic and cultural diversity of Indonesia, it is clear that it was not adequate anymore when only relying on the ways of traditional solutions alone. Therefore, various alternative strategies related to issues explored, studied and applied. In the global era, willingly or unwillingly, educations have to do with technology, especially information technology. Many research results indicate that the late master whom the information, it is too late also the gain opportunities to get ahead. Speed accompanied by demands could potentially contribute to the education and training sector. Positive potential that technology has not only increased efficiency and effectiveness and flexibility of the learning process, but also resulted in the development of materials, shifting the role of teachers/trainers and the development of learner autonomy.