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Spotlight is on knowledge in today’s economy

  • • Knowledge, Weightless, Information, Digital or Service Economy
  • Factors of production: Land, Labor, Capital, Intangibles (Knowledge)
  • • Knowledge as useful Information (or Service)
  • • Information as a “Public Good”
  • • Information as Property

What is intellectual property?

  • • An exclusive
  • property right
  • • in intangible products
  • • of investment, creative intellect, or labor
  • • owned by the creator or by someone who purchased it from the creator

Intellectual Property:

 “In the age of the knowledge economy, the efficient and creative use of knowledge is a key determinant of international competitiveness, wealth creation and improved social welfare.” “An effective intellectual property (IP) system embedded within a national strategy which anchors IP considerations firmly within the policy-making process will help a nation to promote and protect its intellectual assets, thereby driving economic growth and wealth creation.” Kamil Idris, WIPO Director General