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Crossing The Chasm And Competing Technologies

Crossing The Chasm And Competing Technologies

Why is there a chasm?

  • • Technology are discontinuous innovations
  • • They are languishing in the early market (i.e., used mostly by the “Techies” and “Visionaries”) but desperately want to cross the chasm into the mainstream market
  • • Few applications have so far been able to cross and achieve the high-volume opportunities offered by the mainstream Technology market (i.e., the “Pragmatists” and “Conservatives”)
  • • The Technology market will not evolve in one continuous, smooth movement

Early Market 

  • • Consists of the Innovators
  • • For the Visionaries, technology
  • • Visionaries like a project orientation and will therefore a start out with a pilot project
  • • Visionaries want to set the standards

Mainstream Market 

  • • Consists of an Early Majority (“Techies”) and the Early (“Pragmatists”) and a Late Adopters (“Visionaries”) Majority (“Conservatives”)
  • • For the Pragmatists, improving is a change agent and the the existing delivery of people using it are the Technology is the priority – champions of change they want “evolution not revolution”
  • • Pragmatists require integrated,  turn-key solutions – price is  big issue
  • • Pragmatists would like to wait until a platform or application becomes the de facto standard

The Chasm exists between the Early and Mainstream Markets.